Friday, May 30, 2014

links that touched me + 2 perspectives

the new photo friday theme is "Perspective" - which inspired the following 2 pictures, both taken at the very same place, just looking in different directions. this is the Randecker Maar, an ancient vulcano area near here:

and while out there, i remembered a series of link-posts i startd in January, each giving an interesting / new / unexpected perspective on a theme - here is the next one:

links that touched me

when i come across an interesting link / video / story that touches me, i copy the link to blog about it a later point. yet by then, there's already another interesting link that is waiting... to keep the links from vanishing unblogged, i now started this "links-that-touched-me" series.

and here is the "other" perspective - a walkway along the Randecker Maar (which means: along the ancient vulcano):

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