Wednesday, July 2, 2014

M is... for Making an A-Z Tour Map

Since the first of June, the A to Z Blog Tour - a group of 7 bloggers - is creatively visiting letters and themes, each in their own pace and from their own angle, and doing so, is adding a playful tune to the days.

In the first days of the project, I mailed with Chris Galvin - who initiated the tour - and we talked about the way this seemingly simple challenge gives things a different spin and perspective. She summed it up later in her blog:
"You start seeing things as subsets of other things and you start seeing connections everywhere. Everything is connected!"
And at the same time, the tour is a reflection on all the different approaches and moods and paces of individuals that are working with the same task:

B is the memory of a place called Buffalo, the flavour of bánh bao, a Vietnamese steam bun, the alfa and omega books can be. It is the tale of bedbugs, B movies and brothers, the first 7 of 6900 names for bluethe things seen from the front yard to the back, and the bottom end from a mouse perspective.

The A to Z of things: it shifts the focus from the meaning of words to their texture, and connects seemingly unrelated expressions: Move, My, Map, Make, Million, Meaning (and did you notice that the core of meanings is mean ? :)

Also, for me as a German who blogs in English, this blog tour is also an exploration of the multilinguality of the world, of the parallels and differences between German and English. some words have a similar touch and sound: Make / Machen, My / Mein, while others are all different: Move / Bewegung, Map / Karte.


This weekend I revisited the A to Z posts of the month, and came across some related links, and had to think of the suprise connections between so many things - and then had the idea to create a link map of this challenge, to make it easier to browse and follow. Click the picture above to get there, or click here: A-Z Blog Tour 2014 Map with Links

Enjoy ~~

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting the A-Z tour map. I don't know where you found the time...but it's amazing!

Looking forward to your next language musings and curious to see what the pattern will be.