Friday, August 29, 2014

180° infinite sky transit, or: reasons to smile

for sky friday this week: a sky moment, and an infinite line...

His mother would sketch spheres on a sheet of paper. 
His father always drew squares. 
He never knew why. 
The dictionary read: Infinite—
That which doesn't have, 
can never have, 
an end or conclusion.

...and a sky video, from the same place. the camera got flushed by the sun, first i thought that ruined the video, but then that's the brightness of the sun, showing:

some extra links: the quote is from a short story I read today: The Children's Rebellion by Christina Peri Rossi from Uruguay, the country with a sun in their flag. the song in the sky video is from Topher Mohr & Alex Elena: Reasons to Smile - an automatic music suggestion by youtube for the sky video.

And now I just saw the same band has another song called  Where I am From  - which connects to the idea of skywatch friday: images of the skies from where we are from.

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fredamans said...

Nice mix of clouds and contrails!