Tuesday, August 19, 2014

links that touched me: august 2014

When I come across an interesting link / video / story that touches me, I often copy the link to blog about it at a later point. Yet by then, there's already another interesting link that is waiting... to keep the links from vanishing unblogged, I started this "links-that-touched-me" series. Here's the next part:

Previous links:
- July 2014: look in the mirror, 61 things...
- June 2014: travel is, Slowalk, real words
- May 2014: Perspectives, ISS, Poetry Storehouse
- March 2014: Kerouac, shipping yard, film fatales,Hiding, Guardian Film Show
- February 2014: transforming problems, noticing thejourney, poetry podcast
- January 2014: stop saying, when i was, worstpasswords, windows, why dieting....

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