Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Way

This morning, I read a touching life quote - one that is both simple and difficult. It's still on my mind, especially the note on the way - that we are not just on it, but: in it. That we are made of it.

And so I now returned to the full quote, to add it here, together with a "way"-photo I once took, and now came across in my files:
“Every morning I vow to be grateful for the precious gift of my human birth. It’s a big gift, and it includes a lot of stuff I never particularly wanted for my birthday. Some of the things in the package I wish I could exchange for a different size or color. But I want to find out what it means to be a human being — my curiosity remains intense even as I get older — so I say thanks for the whole thing. It’s all of a piece.

In thirteenth-century Japan, Zen Master Dogen wrote, ‘The Way is basically perfect and all-pervading.’ I’m already in it. We are all in it; we are made of it.” 
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reading... Tongues of the Ocean: "Addies House" by Helen Klonaris

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