Saturday, September 27, 2014

new moon sky duality + a larger universe

for sky friday: a fascinating sunrise, which looked like 2 skies in one. reality, so surreal sometimes. i guess the effect was caused by morning mist that still lingered in the forest.
the first photo is from 6.48:

and this is just 15 minutes later, with the sun rising:


and a  different kind of sky moment: this week, the tv channel arte featured a docu about CERN  centre, where scientists try to figure out how our universe works. it was fascinating, and for once a docu that took its time, visited different places in CERN and gave an idea of the place and the people who work there. it's online here: Cern. and yes, it starts almost meditative, and multilingual. the interviews are in English ("the common language at Cern is broken English", states the scientist in the first inteview), the subtitles are in German, and the intro page of the docu is German/French..

Watching it made me think of my own Cern moment 2 years ago, at the Frankfurt Bookfair, where to my surprise, between all the book stands, Cern was present with an experimental stand. They had a medialab that visualized the Higgs Field.

And they had something else: the beginning of the internet. which started in Cern, with the first internet server of the world installed there, and with the original internet project proposal: the "Information Management" proposal of Tim Berners-Lee. The proposal has a pencilled note on top that says: “vague but exciting”. 

Seen like this, searching for the tiny particles that explain the universe, the scientists there opened the digital sky.

Here's more, in the blog post from the bookfair: "the beginning of the web" 


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have a beautiful sky week ~

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