Saturday, September 20, 2014

sunrise moon moment, or: home

the weather is still mixed here in Europe, with huge rain systems moving through. but the clouds also bring stunning moments, like today's sunrise spectacle. i looked out of the window when the clouds started to light up – and then noticed a celestial visitor higher in the sky, easy to miss, but beautiful to find: the crescent moon:

the photo is also a "home photo", taken right from the window here - it's one of the things that fascinates me, how the same sky can look so very different every day. here are more sky moments, all from the same window:

i still remember how this sky series started: the first photo of the series was inspired by a task/share thread in a web forum - Lonely Planet Travellers. the simple task back then: "take a photo from the window of the room you are in."

many responded, some with stunning city skylines. one posted a simple image of a small garden, with some houses and trees beyond. "Nothing special, just the view from the window here," she wrote. to which someone answered: "Those views are special - because they are ours."

i still remember that line: "because they are ours".

which is also one why i admire and enjoy online communities like sky friday or photo friday; each is a celebration of "just the view from here".

here's the link to the whole series: life as a journey of changing skies.

and as an ending note: a close-up of the sunrise moon:


More "home" moments: photo friday
More skies from everywhere: skywatch friday

Have a beautiful sky week ~


ladyfi said...

Lovely shots.

retriever said...

Shoëne himmel, liebe grüsse aus Belgie.


Mons in Belgium My city

Beth said...

I loved seeing these, Dorothee, and also the reasons why "our views" are special.