Thursday, January 1, 2015

me/mories & working backwards from the future

today: first day of 2015. a photo and a smallstone from the past. and thinking forward to work backwards from the future. happy new year!


searching for a photo in the files,
i find moments,
reflections -


While searching, I also found those quotes from new year resolutions:

“Getting a jump start on resolutions

1. Focus and work harder on outstanding projects.

2. Take better care of my health.

3. Try not to make unrealistic resolutions, instead think of 1% improvements. The idea is we can always make a 1% improvement from what we're doing now and if we keep doing that, over time, ta-da, the noticeable difference.”


And another quote, about habits:

“Seek to develop new habits. If your life was run by bad habits then conversely it can be run by good habits you consciously choose. To develop a habit you simply must stick with for about three months and you are home safe. Just create the picture of what you want your behavior to look like and list ten habits that will get you to that picture of yourself.

It works the same with your life. Where would you like to be in ten years in terms of who and what you are and what you are doing? Think of ten habits that will get you to that Future Self and start today in adopting those guideposts. Work backwards from the future.”

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