Monday, February 16, 2015

city faces, zen faces, cosplay faces, art faces...

the new photo friday theme is "faces" - not easy for me, as i usually don't take photos of people. but a good reason to go on a photo file trip: 

Paris: face and facade

zen garden faces

Mayan face (in the British Museum)

Cosplay faces :)

Berlin wall

and here's my own face - the moment is from March 2014, and part of "The People's Art Project" by artist JR, who works with large-scale photos in cities. Here's a photo of one his city projects- which leads back to the theme "face / facade":

and heres's more about that museum day and his work:
street art, history, and a road trip: JR in Baden-Baden, Inside Out.


more faces: photo friday
more art moments: meta cool places, modern shapes & more


Linda H. said...

I enjoyed all of these pictures. Thanks for sharing them, Dorothee.

Linda said...

Those are quite wonderful!

sarala said...

Wonderful faces. I too don't like to take portraits (although I've taken a couple for friends to use). Fortunately faces in art are commonly available.