Friday, June 19, 2015

solstice upcoming & "El Sol"

Solstice is upcoming - the day that is the longest day of the year, or rather: the day of longest light-time, before the days start to "shrink" again.

The photo is from the archive, will try to catch on Sunday, though (and hopefully it will be a sunny day)

And to go with solstice, a multi-lingual sun story I wrote some summers ago:


El Sol

Early morning. The swimming pool is still asleep, its surface a reflection of the sky above: clouds moving in water, tainting it in sunrise colours, orange, yellow and pink.

Like a water colour painting, she thinks, like a water colour painting that leaves no traces, that appears and vanishes again, soft like a dream. She considers to change, to leave the scene for some moments, slip into her bathing suit, head to the pool and slide into the water, to become a part of it, to feel the sun on her face, the water on her skin.

But she doesn’t want to disturb the picture, doesn’t want to disturb the quiet of the morning. And she doesn’t want to miss the moment the sun comes up, she couldn’t be far.

The sun. El sol. Strange, she thinks, how in Spain the sun is male, and the moon female: la luna. For her, it was the other way round, always has been. The sun she, the moon he. The ocean neutral, just like the sky.


more skies from everywhere: skywatch friday


eileeninmd said...

Great post and a beautiful sky capture. Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

Minkamo said...

I love this cloud formation! Great shot!

Nisha Jha said...

What gorgeous clouds! Loved it.

Light and Voices said...

Awesome cloud formation!

Dorothee said...

Thanks! still happy that the camera managed to capture this cloud structure. have a beautiful solstice, everyone!

Lay Hoon Chua said...

Looks like mashmallow :)