Monday, July 20, 2015

tiny huge landscapes 2015: earth, air, water

This weekend, I looked for a photo for the current photo challenge theme "Landscape 2015". And didn't really find a fitting image, but enjoyed the question: how does a present-day landscape look like? and what is my personal landscape 2015, in an image?

Later, I picked up another theme: "Grounded". Which made me go and look for things I found on the ground and picked up – they now turned into this “grounded” collage. I enjoyed holding all of them again: the feather, the shell, the stone, the cone – each still carries the moment and place and mood when I found them.

Together, the found objects made me realize that it is when we are at ease and grounded, that we are open to noticing the beauty of things and of all those tiny moments that form life. Also, it feels that each of them is like a natural piece of art, unique and special: each a tiny landscape of our world, both in itself, and to the elements it refers to: earth, air, water. 
Here are some of the places where I found those "tiny landscapes" - so that's how I arrived at landscape photos after all:

more landscapes... at photo friday

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