Monday, November 9, 2015

Making November Mindful

The days are finally starting to feel normal again. So nice. And while catching up once more last week, I came across a lovely-sounding web initiative, the Mindfulness Summit, which happened to be in October – so I missed that.

But it sparked an idea: I want to make November my personal month of mindfulness, and post a mindful post, image, painting or link each day, over in my neglected photo blog.

The first posts are online. For the start, I created a mandala, which now also turned into the icon for this month. Also included are: videos, photos, notes, a mindful app and more. It's all online here:

Once upon each day: Making November Mindful

Nov 1: Mindful November Mandala
Nov 2: This mood of autumn: yellow leaves falling (+ yoga video)
Nov 3: to feel calm
Nov 4: Handmade chain reaction (or: cookies)
Nov 5: Perspectives on Mindfulness (research summit link)
Nov 6: the same place / a different place
Nov 7: Spaces + Borders (art therapy moment)
Nov 8: Insight Timer (meditation app)
Nov 9: Ornate Mandala
Nov 10: life is..
Nov 11: chalk leaf patterns
Nov 12: moon strings (blog memory)
Nov 14: a troubled world (Etty Hillesum)
Nov 19: do more of what makes you happy (flow magazine)
Nov 20: sky friday rituals (sky friday)
Nov 21: nothing & the ocean (ocean quotes)
Nov 22: life is made of moments (Instagram)


I also want to put a reflection together on the time since the cure - or rather: a longer post on the whole year of going through the breast cancer diagnosis and the time of chemo and radiation. But so far, I didn't find the right mood for it. Right now, the mindful month feels like the way to go, to play and explore and enjoy.

Parallel to that, I started to sort through things in a sort of November-spring-cleaning. Or rather: returning-from-the-shadowland-cleaning.

Step by step...

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