Friday, January 15, 2016

from blue sky to snow - sky in motion

Yesterday, after several rainy and overcast days, the blue sky came back for some hours. I went for a walk at noon to enjoy the sun. Out there, I tried to imagine the way the sky would change according to the forecast: snow coming. And not just a bit, but a whole snow front moving in.

While walking, I noticed some crows in a tree, and next to it the sliver of a moon. I tried a vine video - still playing with the format, and enjoying it. Somehow the moon isn't showing in the video, even though it was right there on the right side of the tree. But something else showed up while I was filming: (click the image to play the video)


That was yesterday. The day turned to evening, and still no snow. When I woke in the night: no snow yet. But it was on the way - the first snow flakes started to fall at 7. And now it is winter:


And another good surprise: the new photofriday theme is: "motion". So that works well with the vine videos. And the shift of sky of course is a nice tune for skywatch friday.



Kayni D said...

Wow, what a change! Still no winter for us! I think Mr. Winter forgot us.

amo sin blogg said...

Beautiful photos !!