Monday, January 25, 2016

sunrise, vine + memories

Monday morning. A week that starts with an ocean sunrise. Yesterday  was windy, which brought stunning waves and made the surfers happy. Today the sky is smoother. I put on my jacket, stepped outside and played with Vine, trying a sunrise-mini-video:

The vine videos also go live on twitter, which brought some visitors to this blog, and a shift in the list of the "most-often-read-posts": the notes from one of the previous stays here are now surfacing h. Back then we had some rainy days, which is unusual for the island. It's nic e that this time, the weather is sunnier - but it's also sweet to revisit those posts, especially with the rainbow moments they include. And in  to see how different the same island looks in different weather:

here are some links to the previous journeys:
2012: change of skies 
2012: journey to Lanzarote, day 5 & 6: rain/bows

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