Monday, February 22, 2016

white, or: colored words on a stone wall

The usual color for walls in Lanzarote is: white. That goes for buildings, and also for the stone fences that are shielding places from the omnipresent wind. What's rather rare, though, are graffitis. The photo above is a desert café with a stunning view. The graffitis, as it looks, are the usual "I've been here" ones.

Later, driving along a street, passing white houses and more white houses, I noticed one that was different. Before I could read the lines, I was beyond it already. So I turned, and drove by again.


I can't really speak Spanish, but the main messages of the lines are about a better society: Fraterna, Igualitaria y Libre - that's the paralle to the core message of the French Revolution: Liberté, égalité, fraternité - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Here's a close-up:

Would be interesting to live in a world where everyone notes his core values on his house, I mused while driving along the ocean road, instead of the rather pointless "XY was here" graffiti. And preferably in each ones favourite color.


Inspired by the current photofriday theme "White". And again, I also looked for a story that fits the theme, That wasn't too difficult - the story still makes me smile. It was inspired by a flash writing challenge. By the way, the theme ... was neither "white" nor "colors", but "Union of Opposites."


“White,” he says.
“Black,” I answer. Then I correct myself: “Snow.”
He doesn't look up, just keeps filling my answers into little printed boxes.

“Street,” he says.
“Sign,” I answer.
He takes his time.

My mind keeps playing his game while I wait for the next task. House Mouse. Trap Escape. Door Window...

“Now pick a color,” he says.
He places 6 cards in front of me. Blue Yellow Red. Green Orange Violet.
“White,” I say.
He doesn't get the joke. Or maybe it's part of the rules: no humor.
“Pick a color”, he says.
“Orange,” I answer.
He takes the card, takes another note.

We repeat the color game until there is only green left.
“Hope goes last,” I comment. I can't help it.
“They are complementary,” he informs me. “If you add all of them, you arrive at white.”
I hadn't known that. Or maybe I had, a long time ago. I lean back, waiting for the next stupid telling question, but we are done. He hands me a cheque.

On the way home, I buy a box of water colors. I make sure that all six colors are included, blue yellow red, green orange violet. I paint them on a boxless page, one after the other. I try. White, I say. White like light. I try again. Yet the places I arrive at are of a different tune - light, but not white at all.  

I like them better. 


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