Saturday, March 26, 2016

running with migrating birds

A sweet sky memory from last week: to get to Leipzig book fair, I first took the s-train to Stuttgart
city. The train follows the Neckar River for this passage, and it takes about half an hour. I tried some photos along the way, and then noticed a flock of birds in the air:

I tried to catch a photo while the train started to move again, and then kept looking at them - and they remained "right there", in the window view. Turned out, they were flying with about the same speed as the train, following the same route along the river.

It was amazing to see them, and to "run" with them for this ride. I tried to identify them, but they were too far away. From direction, they came from the East, moving towards West. but then, that's just the river course in that region.

It also made me think again of time and of migration - how since ages, both people and animals followed this river: the stone age tribes, the Celts, the Romans... That rivers are heartbeat lines of civilization in time.


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