Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday thunder + a sky / moon letter

and a sweet update ...the sun came back and the raindrops started to shine:


Friday 4 pm and after a morning of clouds and sun, the clouds gather and turn dark - and then rain starts to fall. Some minutes later, it's a full-blown storm, with lightening and thunder. The week of troubled weather news in Germany continues: so much rain. The rivers are high and brown. Hopefully, the weekend will bring a rain pause. 

On the upside, there was:  a sky / moon letter. From the Frankfurt museum. I visited it last month, to see the Miro exhibition (more about that, here: Miro: murals and dreams). Still I was surprised to receive a letter from them. When visiting them, I left my card there, which also includes the link to the comic-website I freelance for. And it seems, they picked up on that: the letter is an invite for their next exhibition, which is about: comics. The moon is the invite, with details on the back. So nice.  Here's more about the exhibition: "Pioneers of the comic strip - a different avant-garde."

After taking some photos, I also tried to catch the atmosphere in a rain video. The gloomy sound you can hear in the second scene is thunder, if i had started to film some seconds earlier, i might have caught the lightening, too.

more skies from everywhere: skywatch friday


Spare Parts and Pics said...

Wow, that rain is really coming down! Great photos and video.

fredamans said...

I love the rain shot.

Dorothee said...

thanks! yes, it was real heavy rain. and today came the bad news that a second storm hit a big music festival, in another area of Germany, with lightning injuring people. what troubling timing.