Wednesday, June 8, 2016

rain / sun / flower + video moment

The sky here today has a funny humour. It was sunny. I went to get some fresh bread and fruit and such. they also had nice small sunflowers on sale. I bought one. came home. Planted it. and 5 minutes later, it started to rain... in other news, I've been two 2 different short weekend trips in the last 2 weeks, both were work-related, but also really good and interesting. So now it's catching up, and feeling a bit worn out, in a good way. a bit like that rain-sunflower.

And a video: this is from last weekend, the event was at the German "Fussballmuseum" - "soccer museum". We were so lucky with the weather there, and how it all turned out. It was a first time event, and included Youtube channel hosts - that's why now youtube videos go live. This one has a longer scene with me included, starting 8.45. I didn't know I was filmed, and it's kind of cute to see me like this. (And nice, youtube now offers to start the play at a picked time, so just click and it should play from that point)

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