Thursday, July 21, 2016

Landscapes 2016

Photo Friday's theme for the week is "Landscape 2016". Such a good impulse to revisit the photo files of this year so far and do a bit of a summer reflection. The snowy moment is from a January drive.

And this one is from a new place: While at the Leipzig bookfair this year, I had some extra time and so drove a bit northwards - just some miles beyond the city, there is a lake area. I found a parking spot, gave it a try, and arrived at a beautiful lakeside walk. So good, this additional view and contrast to the humming fair halls.

And a simple but complex view: spring. seen from the clinic complex. The clinic, I don't have medical appointments there any more, but it's the place where the art sessions take place - so it now turned into a place to which I regular go. On that day, the dandelions were in full bloom, their seeds blowing in the wind, like tiny messengers of life and fate.

more to come...

and more landscapes, at photo friday

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