Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mount Ventoux / Mountain Windy (festival of words #5)

Mount Ventoux: an unique single mountain near Avignon. The road to the summit leads through vineyards, then through a large forest, and then finally, through a sand desert. "Vent" is french for wind - and windy it is, this mountain, creating an own cloud dynamic.

Ventoux, it is today's stop of the Tour de France. I just watched the cyclist on their way up, and memories from driving up that road rolled with it.

And following the wind theme, here a stanza that I wrote for the collaborate wind poem "I Hear the Wind Waiting" (organized by Leaf Press)

37 poets joined in this poem. my stanza is:

Strong wind from the south: I put on my jacket, step into the garden 
To fasten the roses, yet stand and listen to the hum of the sky


Festival of Words
Mount Ventoux - Tour de France 2016


payal agarwal said...

37 poets!Interesting!..and yes, amazing capture. :)

sunaina sharma said...

Interesting lines....when you come out to do something and nature just holds you in a trance....

AuraOfThoughts MeenalSonal said...

Nature is truly beautiful !