Friday, August 5, 2016

ocean waves and small stones

Today, I was at the ocean for some moments... at least it felt like that when I revisited the link to the Calm-website, with ocean wave sound & images. From there, I went looking for a short ocean video i once took at sunrise time:

It's good, to find such small pauses. And looking back, i am happy about the way August is shaping out so far, with the small stones as reminders to notice all those tiny beautiful moments that are part of our days.

Yesterday I printed some of them, thinking it would be nice to have them around physically, and then remembered the empty note book I have since ages. Now I started to glue them into it, to collect them, and also: to play with possible shapes and formats.


And here are my 2 fav moments / stones of this week (seems my theme of the week, without fully noticing it, is: color)


Art time: 
The mathematics of yellow + blue = green 
 and the touch of all those colors 
painted before by others


The last daylilies: 
Wordless orange reminders 
To bloom in one’s full color 
Just for this day


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