Friday, December 9, 2016

Best day 2016: Almzeit - MountainTime

The best day 2016 for me... is hard to pick. But there is one that stood out, and felt like a gift:

In August, we were in Tyrol for a weekend. The hotel handed us a tourist card, which included a free gondola ride. One of the rides went up to the “Gaislachkogl”. Actually, to get to the top it takes two different gondola rides. So I took the first ride, and arrived at the "Halfway" station and went for a walk. Turned it, it was a wonderful place. Here are some notes and photos:
Free ride with the alpine cabin - up to "Almzeit" and on to new trails.
A wooden bench, just in the right place.
Cow bell melodies, and mountain views.


At the halfway station, I asked for a ticket for the second ride - and learned that it was free, too. Such a gift. So I boarded the gondola. And got lifted even higher, to the top with view:
Upwards to the top station at 3040 meters.
360 degree mountain panorama.
Up here, eternity has the shape of silvery stone.
A mountain selfie.
And a visual poem of the different kind. The marks we find, the marks we leave...   

Some days later, I had a mountain dream - I stood on a green field, in a timeless mountain landscape, and felt peaceful and free. This dream still vibrates in my memory, just like that day.

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