Sunday, December 11, 2016

Biggest lesson from 2016

Maybe this one:
Life is precious. So cherish those small, fleeting moments. Take time for the things that aren't urgent, but important: for yourself, for your relationships, your friends - time to be, time to muse, time to enjoy life. 
Because it's easy (and less scary) to take life for granted.

Until you have to learn the rough lesson that things can change. That sometimes, a whole life changes in a few weeks. And that there is no reset button, no magic potion that will chase away illness and bring on the happy end, like in so many movies.


And I really, really wish that someone will find a cure for cancer soon. It's a troubling illness, and I just hope that my next check-ups all come without any sign for relapse. Right now, I am still dealing with the recent loss of a friend and co-patient. She loved to read, and one of her favourite books was Michael Ende's "Momo" - the illustration she picked for her goodbye note was the wise turtle, who could give advice and told Momo in the midst of her fight against the grey man who tried to take time from people (and what an image in this context): "Keine Angst" - "No fear."

Which, in fact, also connects to the lesson of life is precious. Don't let fear snatch those small, beautiful moments from you.

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