Monday, August 14, 2017

Glass Postcard Lavender Eyes

August in all kinds of colours. It's interesting how the daily themes of #augustbreak turn the month more vivid. How once you start looking for something, it pops up in unexpected places in the following days. like: lavender, gold, glass....

... here are some of my fav moments / finds of the previous days:

 EYES: This is one of my fav “selfies”: an experimental mirror photo, took it in an art exhibition.


GLASS: glass ceiling moment – this is in Stuttgart, in a new mall called “Dorotheen Quartier”. Funny to walk into a place with the same name like mine. loved the moment of looking up and seeing the glass dome, and the red balloons in it.

POSTCARDS: “We could make unique postcards while here in Vienna!” – That’s the idea a friend and I had. Colorful fun, and before sending, we took a photo. A good memory.


LAVENDER: – it grows just some steps away, right in the garden here. Took the photo yesterday while it was still sunny. Today it’s all rainy. Which is good for the garden, at least...

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