Monday, November 22, 2010

fire, water, earth

today: packing bags and files.
tomorrow: liftoff to Lanzarote island.

the image above is from last year, from the flight home. the white spot in the sky is indeed the moon. the image, i think i never posted it, and when i revisted it yesterday, i thought: that's an image to put online now, before this trip.

in perfect unexpected timing, i received a mail today, from Counterexample Poetics. earlier this year, Daniela Elza and i had worked together in a collaboration, and created a series of visual named "Small Voices". Here's a line from our notes:

How to listen to small voices? We make noise, create things that make loud noises. All too quickly forget to listen to the very quiet, to silences, which speak to us in numerous ways. This theme encompasses both artists' work: the many ways earth/mind thinks, speaks. The invitation: Listen.

3 of the visuals are now up in Counterexample:
Fire Whispers
Listen Rocks
Earth Not Equal Moon

yes, moon. what a good coincidence. and fire, too. Lanzarote is a fire island, created and shaped by vulcanoes that are still active. raw lava stones, red sand, black beaches, blue water. that's Lanzarote in some places. a good place to listen.

[will be back in December, but should have wifi, and will blog from the island]

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