Saturday, November 20, 2010

webland, island, vivid

saturday morning. sorting the desk. sorting thoughts, bytes, projects, checklists.

November so far has been an intense time, but beautiful, with the launch of the language/place carnival, and almost parallel to that, the completion and launch of a freelance web project i was part of.

today i will start packing. in 3 more days, this time, i'm on the plane to Lanzarote island. i just checked weather forecasts: it will be sunny there, 23°C, while temperatures will drop here. looks like white winter will arrive at home just a day after i left.

the picture above is my contribution for photo friday, "vivid". for me, it also is a visualization of the previous weeks: thoughts spinning, ideas crystallizing, sketches and drafts finding its shape, turning into virtual reality, bridging places and moments, while the river of time keeps moving along, like it always did.


+ 2 blog links, they both connect to the image and these days:
"Sky" by Jean Morris - i've stood under this sky, too, a day after i took the bridge picture above (which is London tower bridge, seen from Millennium bridge).
"water water snow" by Sherry O'Keefe - a winter road moment, with this liquid haiku: "Something something twenty feet below."


Rose Hunter said...

Happy travels Dorothee! I like this shot. It reminds me of something taken in a convex mirror. (?) I think that's what I mean.

Dorothee said...

thanks for the travel wishes! as always, the days before leaving feel a bit surreal, this being in transit, like life through a convex mirror.

Sherry O'Keefe said...

ah, life through a convex mirror.

and i like this shot! it's like a forest would be with lights and curves.

thanks for the link, i didn't know about it. but ever since you told me that line was a liquid haiku - i've been tuned into a new channel.

have safe travels.

Jessie Carty said...

love this shot. something very peaceful about it for me. maybe it is taking the very technical and giving it fluidity? safe travels!

daniela elza said...

The shot appeals to me too. holds my eyes for a long time. I like it a lot. It has a meditative quality to it.
All the best.
Enjoy your trip, Dorothee