Sunday, June 16, 2013

god/fathers, or: with Neptune in Berlin + with Nike in Paris

the new photo friday theme is "Dad" - as i am a bit hesitant to post portraits, be it family / friends / strangers, i first wasn't sure how to approach this theme. then i remembered two photos i recently came across when looking for statues. the first is from Berlin, the Neptune fountain, with a temporary winged guest:

not sure why there is a Neptune fountain right in the middle of Berlin,
i guess there is a story connected to that, too -
but in Roman mythology, the God Neptune
is the father of all living beings on Earth


the second photo is from the Louvre in Paris,a place that the travel book 
described as "The Godfather of museums" 

they surely know how to set up stages
for art in the Louvre:
this is one of the great treasures of the museum:
the marble statue of the Greek goddess Nike

i loved the contrast of old and new,
of color and stone, fleeting visitors and movement frozen in stone

here's a close-up of thes same photo

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