Wednesday, July 2, 2008


"short stories, non-fiction, poems & pictures that focus on the body and touch, scratch, caress, accupuncture or tickle the skin."

that's what the upcoming issue of BluePrintReview will be about. the title of the issue: BodyScapes

i worked on the issue this afternoon, it's at the point where pages start to form, with texts and images connecting into a first tangible structure. (
submissions are still open).

more skin and motion, later, in a tv-feature, which left me amazed. there is a
summer festival in Salzburg. which won't come with Mozart or violins, but with video instellations, modern dance and .. bodyscapes. the official theme of the event: "Bewegung und Bewegungen - Zukunftsräume öffnen" / "moves and movements - opening future spaces".

here some of it, in a youtube-clip.

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