Friday, April 4, 2014

sky friday: spring tree skies

For sky friday this week: two spring tree moments.

The first is from a gardener park, not sure which kind of tree this is, but it's  almost zen-like with the single white petals opening. Standing there, i remembered those lines from another day and season:

And the second spring moment is.. a cherry tree in bloom. They look like snow trees. Actually, last year taht time we still had some days of late snow. This year is extraordinary from early warm weather. Like the blooming trees, it feels unreal.

And to top it, there now is a Southern wind from Africa. It brings desert air, and Sahara dust. So yesterday the sun was there until noon, and then vanished. There’s a touch of summer thunderstorm energy in the air, and actually they now predict thunderstorms for Saturday. 


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Have a beautiful sky week, everyone~


Splendid Little Stars said...

Our Spring is not yet that far along.
The first tree looks like a magnolia.

Christine K. said...

wunderschöne Blütenfotos!
ja, ein außergewöhnlicher Frühling dieses Jahr - obwohl die Temperaturen hier noch nicht sommerlich sind..
lg chris

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great shot of the blooms against the blue sky!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shots. The white against the blue is stunning.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous shots of the blossoms.

Dorothee said...

glad you enjoy the spring trees. the first tree, i thought of magnolia, too. didn't realize there are all-white ones, though.

Alexa T said...

Beautiful... Spring came to early - so true - in many places and nature has it's own sublim way to share some of her beauty... and our desire is to capture it in gorgeous images!!...also I gladly noticed those surreal reflections.