Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my obsession?..., and: seeing a meteor!

"Some call it obsessed. I call it dedicated."

The line, it came to mind when I read the new photo friday theme: "My Obsession". Which poses an interesting question: Which obsessions do i have?

Photography, probably. I am not writing much these days (apart from blog posts), but I keep taking pictures of moments, of places. Sky pictures. Road pictures. Tree pictures. If I don't feel like going to a place or event, a main motivator is: I can take my camera along, take some pictures. Which then makes me add short stops to my way.. and those sometimes turn into beautiful pauses, like the one above.

In other news, i saw my first meteor: on Monday evening, after a long day of obstacles for both of us, we both felt like going for a walk even though it was late. Turned out, the obstacles provided the perfect timing:

Up there, on the way that leads along farm fields, we saw a huge, bright shining light in the sky. “Look”, we both said, standing amazed, looking at something we couldn't figure out: strange fireworks? A plane about to go down? A low-flying shooting star, moving towards us?

It came closer and closer, then crossed almost above us, and we turned, to see it flying onwards, towards the horizon: “A meteor?!” we finally guessed and tried a photo that doesn't really give any idea of its beauty and strangeness and energy:

Back home I looked for meteor sighting notes, and found a website run by people who are dedicated to (obsessed by :) them. Turned out, yes, others have seen it, too: there was a note from someone in Heidelberg, then one from someone in Stuttgart – which creates a line to our sighting… and there was someone in a sky obversatory in Ulm who caught it on their sky-camera, scroll down here: Forum.meteoros: Gr√ľner Meteor / Green Meteor

Still amazed by it, like i am so often by the sky and its changing nature.


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