Thursday, July 24, 2008

Word Count Vampire Bites

what i am reading this week...
i am in link clicking mode, jumping through pages. here 3 interesting cross-connections:

from "
Everything in its Place", a post on word counts -- to Thomas Emson' writing schedule, with a word target of 5000-10000 words per week -- and then via google, to this extract of Emson's vampire novel.

from "
The Millions interview: Joan Silber", an interview with Joan Silber on writing a collection of linked stories -- to the amazon page of her novel: "The Size of the World"-- and via google, in search of a book webpage, to this stellar YouTube Video named: "The Size of the World".

from "Tao Lin: Update", a post on novel lenghts (under 50.000 vs. more) - to the eeee-eeee-eeee bookreview on bookslut -- and via the bookslut homepage to Things That Bite, a recap of current vampire and werewolve novels. which in a curious way closes this circle of links that count and bite.

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