Friday, August 1, 2008

pequin: fountain light

"The photos we like tend to focus on carefully composed things of nature, unlikely and unusual people/places/things, rooms, reflections, and otherwise suggestive, off-center, often indistinct subject matter. "

it was this line in the guidelines that made me send a slightly angled and cut-up photo to Pequin, the magazine of 1000 word writing.

the thing about the photo moment is that i was so wrapped up in the water reflection that i ignored the upper half of the water fountain. out came a photo named "fountain light".

it's up here, combined with a story by John Matthews - "My War".

interesting, now after the work on issue 17 of blueprintreview, after looking for photo-text matches and sending out links, to be on the receiving side of this process, to be the one who clicks a link, and finds her work on a page someone else put together.

another interesting detail: the place where i took the fountain photo - it's also the place the cover photo of blueprintreview 17 is coming from: the opera house in stuttgart. the date: 1st of july. exactly a month ago. good that it didn't rain on that day.

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