Tuesday, November 4, 2008

otoliths: inside, overload, unspray

"The intention is for Otoliths to contain a variety of what can be loosely described as e-things, that is, anything that can be translated (visually at this stage) to an electronic platform."

i encountered otoliths through a forwarded link. was fascinated by the visual art. by the variety of poems and images on display. then i saw the deadline: end of october. just the day before, i had taken some graffiti photos on a walk, more out of a momentary mood. it was through otoliths that i took a closer look. and deciphered the words - unspray.

the spraywords and the otoliths visuals also induced some wordplay. out came "inside" and "overload".

the three visuals are online here now, in issue eleven:
inside, overload, unspray


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