Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bernhard Schlink - Der Vorleser / The Reader

one of the books that probably will stay in my mind for a while. a completely different approach of the holocaust-theme, or rather, of the theme of guilt and justice. i just looked up Schlink's biography, i hadn't realized that he actually has followed the same path as his main character: studying law, then not becoming a judge or lawyer, but a professor for law.

book page: The Reader / Der Vorleser

author page: Bernhard Schlink (Heidelberg, Deutschland)

line to remember: "Was hätten Sie denn gemacht?" ("What would you have done?")

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Miss Harrcore said...

Fand das Buch trotz allem nicht berauschend. Die Nazithematik ist irgendwie schon mehr als abgelutscht.