Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jonathan Franzen - Discomfort Zone

i started that one 2 weeks ago already, it's a collection of essays, or, as stated on the title: "A personal history". a note on the cover explains that the book is from the author of "The Corrections". and some quotes of praise which also are about "The Corrections". which isn't that good a sign for a book. still, i enjoyed the essays.

here a link: jonathan franzen

line to remember: "I’d always voted for candidates who wanted to raise my taxes, because I thought paying taxes was patriotic and because my idea of how to be left alone—my libertarian ideal!—was a well-funded, well-managed central government that spared me from having to make a hundred different spending decisions every week. Like, was Katrina as bad as the Pakistan earthquake? As bad as breast cancer? As bad as AIDS in Africa? Not as bad? How much less bad? I wanted my government to figure these things out."

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