Saturday, March 28, 2009

José Saramago - Die portugiesische Reise

it's rainy and cold outside. the perfect weather to start a journey to Portugal. at least on paper. and what a suprise: the book comes with maps. and with almost 600 pages. i think i will only dip into it for now, but should i ever travel to Portugal, this is the book i will take with me.

another surprise: the preface, which is titled "Introduction", and comes with this first line:

"Schlecht ist es um ein Werk bestellt, verlangt es nach einem Vorwort, das es erklärt, und schlecht um das Vorwort, will es dieses leisten."- "Unfortunate the work that needs a preface to explain it, and unfortunate the preface that wants to achieve this."

...and with this last line:
"Denn keine Reise hat ein Ende." - "For no journey has an end."

more about Sarmago's work, here: In the Land of the Blind, the Man With the Pen is King

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