Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Josef Reichholf: Eine Kurze Naturgeschichte des Letzten Jahrtausends

the most demanding read of this year so far. and the most daring. one scientist, sketching a timeline of the last 1000 years (and the milleniums beyond as a base), and taking in account both the human history and nature's history, including climatical impacts, and connecting all this to "A Short Nature-History of the Last Millenium."

Reichholf is well aware that the task is a difficult one, maybe even one beyond reach - at the same time, he is convinced that such an approach is what is needed for the future. which probably is parallel to the situation of mankind these days, and the human tendency to interweave life as it presents itself with human wishes and plans, to turn each "is" to a "should".

"Man kann zum Leben und zur Welt recht unterschiedliche Sichtweisen hegen. Samt und sonders sind sie durchsetzt von einem W√ľnschen und Wollen, das stets dazu neigt, aus dem Sein ein Sollen zu machen."

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