Wednesday, May 27, 2009

J.M.G. Le Clézio - Raga

since Le Clézio was awarded the nobel prize of literature, i wanted to read one of his books. "Raga" is one of his latest works, a reflection on a continent that often is forgotten: Ozeania.

while reading, i remembered an article i read some days after the nobel decision, and returned to it again. "A little Publisher Hits the Big Time" - it comes with these fabulous last lines:

"Translation isn't a nice thing you do if you can spare it, which is the way most publishers regard it; translation is essential. If evangelizing new, unheard-of authors isn't integral to the reason a person goes into publishing, then why? It's not for the fame, fortune, or the stylish tweed jackets. I have at least one of those, and I'm still pretty miserable.

You have to want this one moment, when you feel sure you've won something good for the culture, that you've introduced something new and important to the world. Even if it only lasts a day or an hour before, you know, reality sets in. Thursday morning. Three people in the office. The New Yorker is on the phone: tell us about this author."

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