Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meg Rosoff: How I Live Now

i got tricked by the cover. and by the way the book stood there, all new and shiny, coming in this perfect shape and size. plus, i couldn't resist the butterflies.

well, here's a learning: even a book with white butterflies on its cover can go to pretty dark places. in parts, it reminds me of The Road. what a read. i had to physically pull myself away from it to not read it all today, and keep some pages for tomorrow.

here's a bit:

We couldn't go on. We went on.
Staying alive was what we did to pass the time.
Ages ago I learned in Social Studies about how the Cavemen and Bushmen and other Primitive Tribes spent every waking hour searching for food and it was nice to be able to draw a good straight line through history between Hairy Old Neanderthaler Man and us. I was thinking of approaching my old school next time I was in New York and telling them to replace the unit on Media Communication with one on How To Survive Half Dead In The Wild Without Much In The Way Of Hope.

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