Friday, May 8, 2009

short stories: Carve Magazine

while reading through stories for the Story South Award as a preliminary judge, i had this idea to make that a more regular thing: check-out new issues, print some of the stories, and collect the links to new short stories here in the blog.

so here goes:

Carve Magazine has a new issue out: "Finally. The spring issue is here. Don't be disappointed there's only two stories; they're both knockouts. Though both stories have one major element in common—they both are told from 2nd person point-of-view—they are remarkably dissimilar. In Weather Girls, by Marylou Fusco, you are a high school girl obsessed with weather and imagining yourself a hero through various natural disasters. In Poetry, by Dionne Irving, you're a woman progressing through life and relationships with only one true love by your side: poetry."

here the shortcut to the stories: "Marylou Fusco - Weather Girls" and "Dionne Irving - Poetry"

now i am curious for the upcoming June issue, which will include the winner of the Carve fiction contest. last year's winner was one of my preliminary nominations for Story South, a story that lets the ground become sky, just like that: "The Last Hours of Pompeii" by Marc Nieson.

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