Tuesday, June 9, 2009

from the life of a literary agent...

i just browsed some literary agent blogs, and there was this one post that made me both laugh and cringe.

from the life of a literary agent:

"I've spent the better part of today reading queries and subs. Probably have cleared several hundred out of the queue in one huge go-round. Out of all of those, I requested one full. One! This is unusual. Our hit rate is typically much higher than that. The huge majority of those rejections were for stories that didn't fit our guidelines or were poorly written. Run the spellchecker, folks. Details matter.

At least six of those subs -- and maybe many more, but you sort of start blocking them out after a while -- were for a story type that I've come to think of as The Mantasy...."

and now here, the whole story: The Mantasy


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