Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paulo Coelho: Auf dem Jakobsweg

after reading Hallek's book about a modern-day pilgrimage trail in June (how i went to Santiago Compostela ..), i came across another book: same trail. different author. Paulo Coelho: "Auf dem Jakobsweg" / "O Diario De Um Mago". so interesting, the different takes of the same place. and a bit overpowering: Coelho's catholic mysticism and his encounters with demons and angels. still, somehow i kept reading. and sometimes, for balance, switched to the philosophy book i have from a friend.

today, i stopped by at the library, and came back with a pile of novels. since reading James Hilton's "The Lost Horizon", no novel really grabbed me. (and thinking of it - "The Lost Horizon" was about a holy place, too - and it included elements of philosophy and mysticism. and ended too soon. so maybe i picked Coelho to continue the feeling?)


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