Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the cosmos & this day

tuesday afternoon web joys:

checking out the latest issue of rumble... and learning that Daniel Hudon (the one with The Four O'Clock Café in blueprintreview#15) has published his first book. and it's ... cosmic.

here is some: "When it comes to the size of the cosmos, just remember that it's not size but how you bluff it that matters. True bluffers won't bother about the size of the Solar System. It's too small. Things are always colliding with each other."

and here's the book link: The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos.

& in perfect contrast to the vast cosmos, a post about the tiny little joys of this day.

"There are insects sounding outside of every window in our house. The air is sweet and warm. My feet are filthy from being bare on the cement floor of the barn half the day. As the sun sinks the flowers outside our kitchen glow golden."

more of that earthy warmth, here in this day is.

will go now, to walk through the cut grass here, barefoot.


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