Sunday, September 6, 2009

france *4

this morning, after browsing webpages and seeing that photo friday has a great theme for this week, i put together a first photo page with a picture from france: urban landscape.

what next? i wondered. there are a number of really good shots in the france file. after a cup of coffee, i arrived at the conclusion that i might try and put some photo submissions together, especially as there are some more moments from france online already, from my past journeys:

Harlequin - a short story. the beach in the story is the same beach as in the urban landscape photo: "La Plage de Lune" / Narbonne-Plage, South France. and to solve the Harlequin-riddle: that's the name of a restaurant at that beach.

in contrast to the beach, here a mountain moment: Tricolore. the photo is from Val d'Isere, from one of the old villages. if you drive some miles further, you arrive in one of the ski-resorts with mega-hotels and ski-circus and all.

plus, for some more of france, here a whole road trip, including diary, kerouac quotes, picture pages and map: Road Trip South France.

enjoy the journey ~

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