Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sundress Best of the Net

today, i revisited Sundress Best of the Net 2008. and good that i went there now, and not in a week: submissions for Best of the Net 2009 are closing September 30.

browsing the best-of-page, i was a bit surprised that i kept running into the Apple Valley Review. from the 22 chosen finalists, 3 were from this magazine. and more multiple magazines: juked, The Boxcar Poetry Review, and Mezzo Cammin, all with 2 finalists. makes 9 finalists from 4 magazines, out of 62 submitting journals. just noticing.

on a more random note, i followed the link to Tarpaulin Sky, and arrived at an issue merge:

The current issue of Tarpaulin Sky is the current issue of Trickhouse; i.e., the current issue of Trickhouse is the current issue of Tarpaulin Sky. Think of it as Trick Sky or Tarp House. Or just don't worry about all that, and instead proceed directly to the goods: Trickhouse Vol.5 / Tarpaulin Sky #16".


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