Saturday, October 3, 2009

blueprintreview cover #22

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the upcoming issue of blueprintreview is in the finalizing phase now. yesterday i worked on the cover, and following the issue theme "re /visit /cycle /turn", i returned to May '05 and revisited the very first issue of blueprintreview. going from there, i created a recycled version of this first cover by shifting the colours back to original, and then picking a detail cropping that comes out almost surrealistic.

above, the complete image as i downloaded it from the camera - the photo is from Mallorca island. the day i took it, i went to Palma - the main city at the southern coast - to visit the newly opened museum "Es Baluard", which is set in an old historic building.

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i went there by bus, and that's how the cover photo came into being: it's taken while waiting for the connecting bus, the angled city corner shot probably influenced by the museum visit. the photo i took before it also is a bus stand photo, from Palma itself, with the museum advertising right on the other street side.

(and see the poster? another re/: "retrospectiva". how fitting.)

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