Sunday, October 4, 2009

overcast / space / stillness

october. and it still feels like late summer.

here, 3 sunday-terrace-reads of today:

- The Movement to Stillness, another reflection from Ajahn Sucitto, which made me want to keep that passage, to put it in my pocket for later: "Relationships are about being willing to relate; that’s all. They’re not about always living in agreement and never being separated. Bodies are for being embodied in, not for looking beautiful, being painless or staying young."

- Voyage Back into Space / Ethan Bernard, from the new eclectica issue, which comes with a fascinating extraterrestrial photo series: images of the Mars surface.

- Overcast / Aaron Burch, from Memorious. a winter story, which made me cherish the late-summer-sun double, together with the solitary sunday clouds: "I wished, when the clouds had still been around, I’d been able to grab one out of the sky, keep a little piece for myself. I did that sometimes, kept things, put them in my pocket for later."


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