Monday, October 12, 2009

Brigitte Giraud: Die Liebe + Navid Kermani: Kurzmitteilung

the bright, clear colours were misleading - i thought both books were coming with a fancy mood. instead, they both were about endings - endings of love, endings of life. seems there is no real escape from the huge themes these days.

and another parallel: both authors have a multi-national background: Brigitte Giraud was born in Algier, and lives in France, she studied German and English. and Navid Kermani's family is from Iran, and then migrated to Germany. interesting sidenote: Navid Kermani was in the news this year after he first was nominated for a culture award, which then lead to a controversy and a withdrawing of the prize. (link FAZ german + link Islam Today (and what an interesting page, the world seen from another point of view).

lines to remember, from Brigitte Giraud:

"Hat das alles schon am ersten Tag begonnen? Hast du diese Geschichte selbst zerstört? Man sagt, das jedem Anfang schon das Ende innewohnt. Wer ist also schuld?"

"Has all this already begun at the first day? Have you destroyed this story yourself? The say that every beginning already includes the end. Who is to blame then?"


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