Friday, October 16, 2009

the power of culture (frankfurt book fair)

cathedrals of glass for all those words written
7000 publishers meeting in one place
the number of their books: uncountable

police guards at the entry, checking bags -
- but who would bring a bomb to a book fair?
- well...

i dive into hall after hall, into lakes of words and sound
chinese poetry live, textcontext, forum book,
prix nobel 2009, du monde entier a-z

outside, a circusstyle reading tent, cup of coffee for 1.50,
live words for free: Anthony McCarten: Show of Hands,
Leon de Winter: Recht auf Rückkehr.

in between halls, gateways of thought, words on a poster:
Der Kultur der Macht / die Macht der Kultur entgegensetzen
Contradict the Culture of Power / With the Power of Culture.

i move on, into other worlds, into installations of ink on paper.
i try to trace the line between fiction and fact,
and reach the fine hall of art,

i gather conceptual, (un)monumental
keys to this world
in lines on paper


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