Saturday, October 17, 2009

rhein river and mekong memories

2 more photos from the short trip:

from frankfurt, i went to visit relatives who live in the same region, close to river rhein. i typed their address into the car navi, and was almost there, when the navi directed me to a deserted parking lot at the rhein riverside.

"and now?" i wondered.

then i saw the ferry sign. and the ferry, which must have left a couple of minutes earlier. "this can't be," i thought, and drove on, to get to a bridge.

turns out, there is none. so i ended up taking a ferry after all, and felt like laos. ("...there is no bus because there is no road, see? there just is the river. that's why you take the boat. and don't miss it, there is only one a day.")

the second photo is taken the next morning, from the other side of the rhein.


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